Best Hidden Car GPS Trackers

Best Hidden Car GPS Trackers

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Hidden GPS Tracker For Cars

Are you concerned that someone is using your car without permission or driving it recklessly? Do you suspect that your partner may be cheating or that an employees is misusing a company vehicle? If so, you need a hidden car GPS tracker to get some answers. And that is what this article provides - a list of the best hidden GPS car trackers on the market designed to help you get answers!

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Hidden car GPS tracker

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Magnetic GPS Tracking Device

Disclaimer: After researching different vehicle tracking devices on Amazon and surveillance stores, we believe the Konnect GPS stands above other hidden GPS trackers. These alternative choices include Tracki, Spy Tec GL300, Optimus 2.0, Trak-4, Bouncie, and Vyncs. Why? Because of the Konnect GPS trackers' small size, long battery life, exterior surface magnet, 24/7 free technical assistance, and user-friendly GPS tracking app. However, we want to give you multiple brands to choose from so you can find the GPS device that is best for you. Now, let's take a closer look at the 5 best hidden GPS trackers for cars!

SpaceHawk - Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Under $50

 Key Features

  • Real Time GPS Tracker With Covert Wireless Design
  • Live Updates As Fast As Every 3 Seconds
  • Subscription Plans Starting at $19.95

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SpaceHawk is a hidden GPS tracker designed to help you track a car without anyone ever knowing. Have a problem employee? Maybe a rebellious teen driver? If so, simply attach the SpaceHawk tracking device on your automobile and find out what is going on. Yes, it is that easy!

What makes SpaceHawk one of our favorite GPS car trackers are the key features. These include a 4.5 star rating for the GPS tracking app (higher than Tracki, Vyncs, and SpyTec GL300 apps), wireless design, and of course, SpaceHawk is one of the only GPS vehicle trackers manufactured here in the USA.

Read a more detailed review on this GPS tracking solution here:

Everlast Nano - Best Hidden GPS With Long Battery Life

Everlast - GPS Tracker Long Battery Life
Key Features
  • Longest Battery Life Of Any Tracker (138 Hours)
  • Live Updates As Fast As Every 3 Seconds
  • Subscription Plans Starting at $29.95

Konnect and SpaceHawk are great choices for mini GPS trackers, but if you want something a little more powerful? You know, a GPS tracker with long battery life? Enter the Everlast Nano. Giving you real time GPS tracking for roughly 138 hours of driving time, Everlast Nano hidden GPS is the longest battery life of any hidden GPS tracking device on the market today!

Data plans for this live GPS tracker are month-to-month ($24.95) so you can cancel anytime without any termination fees whatsoever! 

Frequently used by government agencies and police departments, Everlast Nano can record nearly 6 months of vehicle tracking data. Being a GPS tracker 6-month battery makes this hidden GPS tracker rank among the best spy devices for secretly tracking a car. 

What Buyers Are Saying

One verified buyer on Amazon who left the GPS car tracker a 5-star review stated the magnetic car tracker was "easy to set up" and had an "easy install".  However, another verified buyer on Amazon who left a 2-star review stated the tracking device with software was challenging to understand, but the realtime tracking data was "very accurate".

Watch A Real Customer Experience With This Hidden GPS Tracker Here:

LandAirSea - Best GPS Tracker With No Monthly Fees


Key Features
  • Live GPS Tracking With No Monthly Subscription Fees
  • Super Reliable Surface Magnet 
  • Award-Winning Technical Support Available 24/7

LandAirSea is the perfect GPS tracking solution if you want a undetectable device to secretly track a car. The best part? This real time GPS tracker has no monthly fees for an entire year! What made the LandAirSea personal GPS tracker stand above the GL300 GPS tracker and Tracki mini realtime GPS were the awesome features. These include user-friendly GPS software available for iPhone+Android, device location updates every 60 seconds, and no monthly cost subscription plan

Other features of this hidden tracking device that make it stand above the competition include free technical support 24/7, a completely waterproof design, and a 1-2 inch size. This makes LandAirSea one of the smallest hidden GPS trackers on the market! Simply place the hidden GPS tracking device under a car and discover everywhere that vehicle goes from your iPhone or Android device! 

What Buyers Are Saying

One verified buyer on Amazon who left the car tracker a 5-star review stated they used the device to track a moving truck across state lines and the hidden waterproof tracker device worked perfectly. They were impressed with the strong magnet mount and overall performance of the 4G LTE GPS.  However, another verified buyer on Amazon who left a 3-star review stated the GPS locator had issues updating real time GPS positions as fast as described by the manufacturer (3 seconds). The subscription required a $19.95 monthly investment, but the GPS vehicle tracker was inconsistent updating.

Vyncs - Best OBD2 Hidden GPS Tracker For Cars

Vyncs GPS Tracker
Key Features
  • No Monthly Subscription Fees
  • 4-Star Rating On Amazon
  • Pulls Power From Vehicle 

If you need a hidden GPS tracker that can plug into the OBD2 port of a vehicle then the Vyncs is a great solution! 

With over 6,000 verified buyer reviews on Amazon and an overall 4-star rating, Vyncs is one of the most successful vehicle tracking devices on the market today. Simply plug this hidden GPS tracking device into the OBD2 port of any vehicle then track that automobile 24/7. The best part about this hidden GPS tracker for cars is that Vyncs has no monthly fees and will never run out of battery life since it pulls power from the vehicle! We liked this mini GPS tracker over other OBD2 port hidden trackers such as the Sync and Bouncie GPS tracker because of the overwhelming number of positive online reviews. 

What Buyers Are Saying

One verified buyer on Amazon who left the realtime GPS tracking device a 5-star review stated the online GPS software was "super easy to use", and that the product was really great for "fleet tracking".  However, a verified buyer on Amazon who left a 1-star review stated, "The functioning of this product has been hit and miss" when describing the vehicle locator. 

Similar to the Brickhouse security Spark Nano 7 GPS tracker device, many reviewers do not like the high device subscription of Vyncs GPS device (a $29.95 monthly subscription is required).

Watch A Real User Experience With This Mini GPS Tracker Here:

Spy Tec GL300 - Best Personal GPS Tracker

Key Features
  • 2,000+ Positive Amazon Reviews
  • Real Time Vehicle Updates
  • Affordable GPS Data Plans

Do you want to purchase an affordable hidden GPS tracking system? One that has some of the best reviews on Amazon by verified buyers? Then you definitely need to learn more about Spy Tec GL300!

Roughly the size of a pack of chewing gum, this hidden tracking device is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to bust a cheating spouse, or simply track your vehicles covertly. SpyTec GL300 will give you real time updates on every location a vehicle is and has been, and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! However, one knock on this device is that the tracker is not waterproof. That means you will need to buy the waterproof case. Assuming, you plan on hiding the tracker under a car! 

The hidden vehicle tracking device can send you a text message when your wife arrives or leaves work, allowing you to validate their claims. 

What Buyers Are Saying

One verified buyer on Amazon who left the 4G GPS tracker a 5-star review stated they were, "Definitely impressed by the accuracy" of the car tracking device.  However, a verified buyer on Amazon who left a 1-star review had negative remarks, stating "tech support is by e-mail [only], and the battery only lasts about a day".

View A Real Customer Experience By Watching This YouTube Video:

Honorable Mention For Best Hidden GPS Tracking Device

There are a number of real time GPS trackers that can help you track your vehicles, and although these vehicle trackers did not make our list, many of them have great reviews on Amazon:

  1. Americaloc gl300w: Hidden Spy Car Tracking
  2. SilverCloud Sync Hidden GPS Tracker: Magnetic GPS Tracker
  3. GL300 Mini: Portable GPS Tracker
  4. Linxup OBD GPS Tracker: OBD GPS Tracker
  5. Motosafety OBD: Diagnostics Port Mini GPS
  6. Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker: Cellular GPS For Motorcycles

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Locate A Hidden GPS Tracker On My Automobile?

Yes, you can locate a hidden GPS tracker on your automobile. To do this, start by thoroughly inspecting your vehicle. Look for unusual devices or wiring under the dashboard, seats, and inside the trunk. Check under the car, around the wheel wells, and under bumpers where trackers might be magnetically attached. Use a flashlight and a mirror to spot hidden devices in hard-to-see areas.

Additionally, you can use a GPS detector or a radio frequency (RF) detector to identify electronic signals emitted by trackers. These devices can help pinpoint the exact location of the tracker. If you suspect a tracker but can't find it, consider seeking professional assistance from a mechanic or a private investigator. They have the tools and expertise to locate and remove wireless GPS trackers effectively.

Learn more about finding a hidden car GPS trackers here:

Do Magnetic Tracking Devices Work?

Yes, magnetic tracking devices are small, easily concealable devices that can be attached to a vehicle or other metal object. They use a magnet to stick to the vehicle and communicate with GPS satellites to determine location. This location data is then transmitted where you can track the movement of the vehicle in real-time using a computer or cell phone. 

How Accurate Are GPS Trackers?

The accuracy of a  GPS car tracker can depend on various factors, such as the quality of the device and the availability of GPS satellites. But for the most part, the average GPS asset tracker will be accurate within about 6 feet in normal conditions


So that is our top 5 list of the best hidden GPS trackers for cars on the market today! The Konnect portable magnetic GPS tracker and SpaceHawk are our overall top picks. The best advice is to contact a salesperson offering the mentioned trackers and ask any questions you have to get more details on the product's features.

  • Where would you hide a GPS tracker on a car?
  • What is the best hidden GPS tracker for vehicles?
  • Can you put a tracker on a car without them knowing?
  • Is putting a GPS on someone's car illegal?
  • Is there a GPS tracking device on my car?

If you have asked yourself any of the above questions and are researching hidden tracking device for cars let us leave you with some parting advice. If you plan on investing in a hidden GPS tracker to find out if a spouse is cheating it is always good to speak openly to your partner about your feelings. At the same time, as a person who has firsthand experience with a cheating wife, it is important to know words are not always truthful. The truth is people lie. So the best thing you can do is find out the truth so you can move forward with your life with all the information at hand.

Trust your gut instincts, and don't be afraid to verify or dismiss those thoughts with the help of a vehicle tracker. 

We did not receive any compensation from the manufacturers or resellers of the above products featured in this top 5 hidden GPS trackers for cars article.

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