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  • Someone stealing your car, truck, ATV, snowmobile, or other personal assets?
  • Your spouse or partner lying to you?
  • Your teenager excessively speeding?
  • Your employees misusing company work vehicles?

Introducing: The most accurate, durable, wireless GPS tracker with magnet for vehicle security, global fleet management, and family safety on the market today!


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GPS Tracker With Magnet

How The Konnect GPS Tracking Device Can Help You:

ELEVATE YOUR FLEET OPERATIONS: Gain unparalleled visibility into your fleet with Konnect real time car GPS tracker. Monitor employee locations in real-time, access detailed historical data, and receive speeding alerts through the built-in accelerometer. This level of oversight promotes safety and increases operational efficiencies.

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY: Keep a vigilant eye on your loved ones with the Konnect mini GPS tracking device. Whether it's ensuring your teenager drives safely, verifying the whereabouts of a spouse, or monitoring an elderly parent, Konnect provides accurate, real-time location tracking and alerts when they exit designated safe areas.

SECURE YOUR VALUABLE ASSETS: Protect your prized possessions from theft with the Konnect magnetic GPS tracking device. Ideal for vehicles, watercraft, and expensive equipment, this real time GPS instantly notifies you if your assets are moved, allowing you to track their location and swiftly recover them.

UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES: Konnect sets the industry standard with the longest battery life and most accurate GPS tracking available. The easy-to-install, magnetic mount stays secure in any environment, providing you with reliable, detailed location data directly on your smartphone. There is no other GPS locator as powerful as Konnect!

Konnect magnetic GPS trackers offer more than basic tracking with features associated with products such as the SpyTec GPS or Spark Nano GPS tracker for cars. These awesome tracking features include:

  • Accelerometer for monitoring speed and driving patterns.
  • Geo-fencing to create virtual perimeters that trigger alerts when crossed.
  • Immediate text and email notifications keep you informed of all activities.
  • Real-time link sharing enables quick coordination with law enforcement in emergency situations.

Choose the Konnect magnetic GPS tracking device for the ultimate in asset protection.

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What Real Customers Say About Konnect Magnetic GPS Trackers

Wireless GPS Tracker

The Most Durable Magnetic GPS Tracking Device Ever -

  • Extended Battery Life: While other trackers quickly drain with 600mAh batteries, our robust 1500mAh battery ensures weeks or even months of monitoring in saver mode. This means you can rest assured, knowing your assets, family, or fleet vehicles are continuously monitored without frequent recharges or battery replacements.
  • Precision and Reach: Konnect GPS utilizes the global GNSS satellite system, not just Bluetooth or cell towers. This advanced technology allows for pinpoint accuracy—tracking locations to within inches. If an item is lost or stolen, precise data lets authorities recover it swiftly.
  • Dedicated Human Support: Aren't you tired of chat bots? So are we! That is why you if you ever need help we have real humans based here in the USA ready to help you use your magnetic GPS!
  • Optimized for Your Business: Don’t settle for trackers meant for lesser needs. Konnect GPS handles everything—location, speed, route history, analytics—ensuring your vehicles operate efficiently, securely, and within regulations.
  • Proudly American: Everything about Konnect GPS is local to the U.S. We design, manufacture, and support our products right outside of Chicago, offering you service from real people who understand your needs. Plus, every tracker comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Rugged and Reliable: Our device isn’t just another fragile gadget. It’s built tough, fully waterproof (not merely water-resistant), and equipped with a magnet strong enough to handle any challenge, no matter how tough.

Konnect is the first premium GPS asset tracker for cars, motorcycles, boats, construction equipment, or any personal assets you need secured!

The Only GPS Tracker With Magnet For Both Assets & Vehicles!

Do you want to secretly track a car? Protect your trailer from theft? Or safeguard your personal assets? Whether you are a small business with GPS fleet tracking needs, or someone who simply wants to keep an ATV, boat or snowmobile safe -


You deserve answers. Let Konnect GPS get them for you!

How To Use A Magnetic GPS Tracker

Step 1: Choose A Data Plan For Your Wireless GPS Tracker

First, select the GPS data plan right for your asset tracking needs. Our plans are month-to-month, meaning no long-term commitments. And the best part?If you need to cancel service or require free tech support, just give us a quick phone call! Enjoy affordable options starting at just $9.95 per month.

Step 2: Attach GPS Tracker With Magnet To Car Or Asset

Next, securely attach the Konnect wireless GPS tracker to your vehicle or asset. Thanks to its waterproof design and powerful surface magnet, you can literally place it anywhere! In fact, this is why the GPS tracking device is used on ATVs, construction equipment, work vehicles and more!

Step 3: Monitor GPS Tracking Device & Data Via Phone!

Finally, use our top-rated GPS tracking app, available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, to monitor your vehicle or assets 24/7. Easily access real-time location data from your phone. Best of all, we offer free technical support for the lifetime of your GPS tracker, ensuring you always have assistance when needed.

Learn More About Magnetic GPS Tracking devices

GPS Tracker Knowledge Center

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Magnetic GPS Tracker?

The best place to hide a magnetic GPS tracker on a vehicle is the metal frame. Preferably, under the vehicle where the GPS locator can pick up satellite signals that reflect off the ground. GPS units equipped under the vehicle also keep the tracker hidden from the driver. Here are some additional spots you can place magnetic GPS on a vehicle or asset:

  • Inside the wheel wells: Provides good concealment while being easily accessible.
  • Under the bumper: Hidden from view and easy to reach, making it a practical choice.
  • Under the chassis: Offers excellent concealment and protection, ideal for low-profile trackers with strong magnets. Ensure the tracker is weatherproof if it's exposed to elements like rain or snow.
  • In the gap under the roof rack (if applicable): Provides cover and is rarely disturbed, perfect for vehicles with roof storage options.
  • Beneath the seats: Easy to reach and install, it provides a discreet location that is not commonly inspected.
  • Within the spare tire compartment: This is a rarely disturbed area, offering both concealment and protection from the elements.
  • On the frame rail: For a more permanent solution, attaching the tracker along the side frame rail ensures it stays out of sight.
  • Behind interior panels: Many vehicles have removable panels in the trunk or undercarriage that offer hidden spaces suitable for trackers.

These spots balance the need for discretion, security, and maintaining a clear GPS signal.

You can read more about more about where to locate a portable GPS in this article: https://konnectgps.com/blogs/news/locate-gps-tracker-on-car

What Do Most GPS Tracking Devices Look Like?

If you're trying to identify a hidden GPS tracker on your vehicle, familiarizing yourself with their common features will help. Here's a breakdown of what to look for in the most common type—the compact, wireless real-time trackers:

  • Compact Design: These trackers are small and discreet, often no larger than a matchbox or a deck of cards, making them easy to hide inside a vehicle.
  • Magnetic Casing: Many models feature a magnetic casing that allows for easy attachment underneath the car, securely adhering to the frame.
  • Internal Antenna: Essential for capturing GPS data, these trackers have an internal antenna that ensures reliable transmission of location information.
  • Rechargeable Battery: They include a rechargeable battery that keeps the tracker operational, whether the vehicle is in motion or parked.
  • Multiple Functionalities: Besides tracking location, some trackers offer additional features like monitoring driving behaviors and providing parental controls for added security.

For more covert options, some trackers can be:

  • Connected to the OBD2 Port: This is the standard diagnostic connector in vehicles.
  • Hardwired to the Vehicle’s 12-Volt System: This installation makes the tracker completely invisible to the driver.

Each of these features is designed to enhance the effectiveness and versatility of GPS car trackers for various tracking needs.

Can Apple AirTags Be Used As A GPS Vehicle Tracker?

No, Apple AirTags are not suitable for use as a GPS vehicle tracker, especially if secrecy is required. One major drawback is that AirTags are detectable by other Apple devices nearby. This means drivers and passengers with an iPhone can receive notifications if an unrecognized AirTag is traveling with them, alerting them to its presence. This feature is designed to prevent unwanted tracking, making AirTags impractical for discreet vehicle or asset monitoring.

For reliable and covert vehicle tracking, a dedicated GPS car tracker is recommended. These devices use GPS technology to provide precise, real-time location updates and detailed tracking history. They are specifically designed to be hidden from view and do not emit signals detectable by standard consumer technology, ensuring that the tracking remains confidential.

Do You Have To Pay A Monthly Fee For A Real Time GPS Tracker?

Yes, you have to pay a monthly fee for a real-time GPS tracker. This fee covers the costs of cellular data that the tracker uses to transmit its location information to a server, which you can then access via a mobile application or web interface. The subscription ensures you receive continuous, real-time updates on the tracker’s location, along with access to features like historical data, geofencing, and alerts. Some providers offer different plans, so you can choose the level of service that best suits your needs, whether it's for vehicle, fleet, or asset tracking.

Do Magnets Interfere With GPS?

No, magnets do not interfere with GPS signals. GPS devices, including those used for tracking, receive satellite signals which are not disrupted by magnetic fields. However, placing a GPS device too close to large metal objects can sometimes obstruct the satellite signal, potentially reducing its accuracy. But the magnet itself, used for mounting purposes in magnetic GPS trackers, won't affect the GPS functionality.

Can I Track The Location Of My Vehicle Using My Mobile Phone?

Yes, our GPS tracking mobile app allows you to receive location updates, view tracking history, and manage your GPS devices conveniently from your smartphone. This GPS app is designed to enhance driver safety and ensure you have access to real-time tracking data on the go.

HOLD ON! We Still Have More To Say About Our Magnetic GPS Tracker!


Our free GPS tracking app for iPhone and Android is incredibly user-friendly, designed to be intuitive for everyone. Setup is a breeze, taking just 5 minutes, and then you're ready to pinpoint locations with precision. This ease of use is why we've consistently held a near 5-star rating since our launch.


Forget the limitations of Bluetooth-based trackers that rely on proximity to other devices. Our Konnect GPS locator utilizes military-grade GNSS satellites for autonomous, pinpoint accurate GPS asset tracking. With this technology, you’re guaranteed continuous coverage, no matter your location.


Join thousands of satisfied customers who trust the Konnect magnetic GPS tracker. We're so confident in the quality of our product that we offer a lifetime warranty. If you're not completely satisfied, let us know, and we'll make it right. This commitment to customer satisfaction underlines why Konnect GPS is the preferred GPS tracking solutions for for small businesses, parents, and law enforcement agencies!